At The Starting Gate!

Irun Albergue imageSeptember 2, 2014

Well we’ve finally made it to Irun! It’s been a pilgrimage just getting to the starting line! In Boston we encountered a 90 minute wait to check our bags, then the flight was delayed about an hour. As a result, we missed our connecting flight from Paris to Madrid so we waited at DeGaulle Airport. I bought 2 double cappuccinos’ and was charged 12 Euros (about $17.00!) We had to wait for 6 hours to catch the next flight, but finally made it. Our hotel was in a very cool section of the city; narrow streets, old stone buildings, lots of shops and outdoor cafes. We had an excellent dinner and watched the crowds of people walking by, and milling about. We scouted out the train station for the morning, then went to bed exhausted. Our room was in a clean and comfortable Hotel. What was funny was that the room was just a touch bigger than the queen size bed! Natalie’s blog will have more on that.

Early the next morning we boarded a comfortable Amtrak-like train and traveled about 6 hours to arrive here. We settled into the first Albergue we came across where we met people from all over Europe already. Seems we are the only one’s from the USA so far.

So we have our credentials and are ready to begin walking El Camino Del Norte tomorrow. It all will begin with one step. More to come!



About bobencamino

Reverend Robert Brown is a minister and pastor in the United Church of Christ, serving as the Associate Minister at Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord MA. This Blog is set up to track a pilgrimage he is taking with his wife Natalie in September and October of 2014 along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.
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One Response to At The Starting Gate!

  1. kacarl says:

    I’m following you step-by-step and word-by-word!!!!! Sorry it started so roughly but it makes for good reading!!!!! May you have a trail full of God’s blessings!!!


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