Just Passed Half Way…

Sunday, September 28, 2014

“A man who walks 100 miles should consider 95 half way.” – Confucius

Well this was a good week on the Camino de Santiago del Norte. Another week of unspeakably beautiful coastal views on our right and majestic mountains on our left. We crossed the half way mark on Thursday and ate dinner at sunset on this amazing beach.


At one point a horse and rider came down for a swim. More daily magic.

Camino Symbol sign w arrow

Tonight we reach an important decision. Tomorrow we must decide whether to continue along the coast with del Norte or take the more demanding and mountainous inland route along the Camino Primitivo.

We have been thinking about this decision for some days now and today we decided to take the Primitivo. First, we have seen so much of this beautiful coastal territory that we feel seeing new terrain might be a refreshing change. Second we want to go through the cities of Oviedo and Lugo for their historic significance. Lastly, this is the original ancient route and we have really been awed by antiquity along the Camino. Today for instance we happened upon a 9th century church. The Sunday Mass had just finished and two women invited us in to see the holy space. This keeps happening to us. If we had come by 10 minutes earlier or later we would not have been able to see this church. Also, because Natalie is so fluent in Spanish opportunities unfold before us where they might have been completely missed otherwise.


SO THE BIG NEWS IS that since we will be going on Camino Primitivo I MUST lighten my pack. I probably carry the heaviest backpack on any Camino weighing in at 20k or 45lbs. I have not minded so far but reading ahead at the mountain climbing we will be doing, it seems reasonable for me to send my iPad and some other items ahead to Santiago. So I might not be posting too much more that a few facebook photos when we can find a WiFi signal.

There is so much to tell and we are just a bit over half way! I can’t image what the next 250 miles will bring. Each day I wake up wondering, “what great surprises await us today?” I hope I can live the rest of my life this way! AMEN?

About bobencamino

Reverend Robert Brown is a minister and pastor in the United Church of Christ, serving as the Associate Minister at Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord MA. This Blog is set up to track a pilgrimage he is taking with his wife Natalie in September and October of 2014 along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.
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One Response to Just Passed Half Way…

  1. Sherman and Judy Hill says:

    We look forward to hearing from you, that you have emerged from gruelling Camino Primitivo.
    Sherman and Judy


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